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Why you should go cruising around islands in Pelješac Archipelago?
Because it is one of the most stunning cruise destinations in the World.

Pelješac channel is 1270 m large and divides the island of Korčula from the peninsula of Pelješac. Archipelago consists of 15 islands and islets. Badija is the biggest and the most beautiful island in the Korčula archipelago. It lies East of the town of Korčula. It has a surface of about one square kilometer and is covered by dense maquis and pine, cypresses and olive trees. The most dominant feature of the island is Franciscan Monastery built in 14th century.
Vrnik is the second largest island and the only inhabited island in the Archipelago. It is well known for it’s deep stone quarries dating back from Roman times.
And all others islands are also interesting with it's past and beauty. Spending the day discovering uninhabited islands with their amazing beaches will leave an everlasting memory.
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